How to start making beats on your computer?

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Oh, snap! We’re going digital.

Nowadays, even the artists are expressing their specialized art with the help of their computers. Artists, animators, and even the actors are expressing them through digital mediums. Then why should not the rappers? After all, you just need a decent PC to make a sick beat.

No more requirement of a big studio with highly expensive equipment. A computer program is just more than enough for the purpose of making a beat.

Let us have a look at the procedure of making a beat with the help of just a computer. It is our duty to ensure that this article covers everything about the procedure of making a next big hit. Furthermore, we will also tell you the software that is required and then we will move to steps.

So without any further introduction, let’s begin:

Equipment that you need

The requirements for making a beat are pretty easy to gather. The ingredients are a computer (high end preferred), software to make beat, and some brain, and imagination.

Here are the specifications that you need in your PC:

Windows 7 or a later operating system

  • 4 GB ram (at least)
  • A multi-core processor
  • A good display resolution
  • A DVD Drive
  • A hard drive with plenty of free space

The other necessities and hardware equipment that you require are:

  • A good pair of speakers like Krk Rokit 6
  • A good pair of headphones like akg K77 Perception
  • External soundcard like Focusrite Scarlett 2i2
  • The Digital Audio workstation software like Fl Studio, Cubase, Ableton, Reason

Gathered the necessities! What’s next? 

As soon as you’ve gathered the necessary things, you are just one step away from becoming the next marshmallow. That one step is nothing but the skills that you need to acquire.

The easiest and the fastest way to grab the required skills are by searching for them online. Just search for them and visit those websites that claim to provide a free course for the same. These sites will be the only resource that you would ever require to learn making beats on your personal computer.

The secret to success 

While doing all these, you will realize that just gathering the equipment and learning the skills won’t make you a good artist. You need to eat success for your breakfast in order to become one.

There is no such mantra of success in this and all you need is a concrete determination and hard work. And remember that not every artist was great initially and nobody acquired the greatness from the womb of their mothers. It is just the amount of practice that made them unique and special.

Furthermore, it is said that a master has failed several times than the learner has ever tried. With that said, you cannot expect to become an overnight superstar. Therefore, keep learning. Furthermore, don’t be a cry baby if you make mistakes or if something doesn’t work for you.

Mistakes and criticism are your power supplements in this game of beats. Therefore, assume your failed attempts as a part of trial and error and the criticism as the feedback to improve further. And yeah, never give up and one day you’ll say “it’s my day”.

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