Where I Can Sell Rap Beats?

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You can sell your beats in many places right now. Most of them are just scam who want your money, but there is still few places to feel safe with. You need to choose wisely. Before you start selling your beats on any of listed websites below, always read their policy or ask everything you want to know. I personally use few of those websites to sell my instrumentals. There are some advantages and disadvantages of selling beats online.

Here is a list:


This is probably one of the biggest platforms to upload your beats right now.
I will watch out here for their distribution system cause they don’t pay all money you get. They have monthly fee from $10-$20. I personally think this place can give you a beatshop to sell your beats. Promotions costs a lot of money, so being in game consistant is only a thing for top dogs. Sometimes they have opportunities that can help you out in your music career. They have really good customer support.


This website offers different type of selling beats on their Clearance Store. If you want to sell you beats there you should apply for selling beats. You can earn 60% (exclusive license) of every sale on their website if they will accept you. Your beats must be original and not copied. They have really good sales. For example if they sell your beat for 100$ for exclusive you will get 60$. They take 40% for marketing your beats and selling them on their website. It is a pretty good choice and policy is simple. There is no monthly fee!


That is pretty new service. They have really good guide on how to sell beats, they also give you promo credits for buying monthly producer subscription. You can use them to promote your beats and get sales. This service have some bugs in it. It was pretty hard to upload some beats for me the first time. 2 weeks past after customer service helped me out on uploading beats there. They have nice terms of use and that monthly promo ? .


This is one of the biggest selling platforms online. They have really nice beat stores to use. There is a monthly fee to use their service. Not long time ago they started promotions on their marketplace. It is really hard to get on their top 50 beats/producers.

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