How Can I Be Sucessfull In Making Rap Music?

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How Can I Be Successful In Making Rap Music ?

Ok! First thing! YOU CAN’T JUST RAP and be Sucessfull! Yes ! That is the TRUTH!

I know that you rather be at home writing lyrics and don’t give a shit about other things and look into your pocket how it grows with money. Put this in fantasy books!

Honestly there is no shortcuts. You need to look into this other way. If a rapper or singer who only sings will be successful then everybody will be rich ! Most of that buzzing rappers right (if they stay more than few years) exactly know what they do. They have a team of people responsible for different tasks. They have knowledge and they know how to reach people.

The main problem is that not everybody have proper business mindset. You need to start connecting to the right people and negotiate. Only 10% of people do this and they are succesfull in long term.

I want you to change that and start being that 10%!

I prepare for you interesting interview with HOPSIN. Please watch it here:


There is so much things to do to be sucessfull really. You need to have PRO company, have a good social media network, good quality music, rap beats, mix and mastering, dope lyrics, positive thinking, a lot of skills that will interest people, and you also need to be good person, and much much more stuff…

If you are someone who looks sad and you think in negative way you can quit right now! Or you can get yourself together and start building your empire step by step.

You are not sucessfull because you didn’t make a decision yet!

Once wise man said: “If You want To be Sucessfull put yourself in a situation that you won’t have a choice to become one”.

I will share with you something. I started my business 4 years ago, i had a normal job like around 40hours a week. Later after 2 years i decided to do part time job to focus a bit more on my music. Later after 2 years I quit my job. I put myself in a situation where my money was running out! I already had enough to live but i wanted to grow bigger. I was really stressed and scared. I was thinking that i really have to do it. Right now! I made a decision i won’t quit! It was not an easy way, there was so many hard things to go through, a lot of changes to get to the point i am now. What is 4 years? It is nothing. You want to work those 40 years for someone and feel mad because you quit your dreams? Fuck that scenario…

Start reading business books like “You Can If You Think You Can” – Norman Vincent Peale, or “1 minute millionaire” – by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen – they helped me with proper mindset! Start making contacts with other rappers, managers, companies, etc., show them love, respect if you like their music. Don’t be like “I’m a rap star, nobody will tell me what to do”. Bro that is not thinking of successful person. Always try to learn, improve, ask for opinions, invest some money to learn, promote. The best investment you can make is investing into yourself! Don’t spend that money into crap! God Dammit!

That being said i hope i motivated you and told you some important facts.

In the next email i am going to share some more knowledge about rap techniques, writing lyrics and songwriting and how to make killer hooks, where to buy rap beats for your upcoming projects. The first thing that need to be done is your music need to sound dope isn’t it?

We will be taking small steps into your way to success!

Let me know how you like what i had prepared here. If you have any questions, want to disscuss anything just write to me in email! I am here to help. Comments are really welcome ?

Stay Tuned!

Pawel Tugeman
Lazy Rida Beats


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