How To Contact Music Publishers / Record Labels

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Today i want to talk about important thing which is:

“How To Contact Music Publishers / Record Labels?”

First i will focus on giving you some tips on what you should do and what to avoid… Next i will give you an example email you can edit and send to record labels, publishing companies.

Dos And Don’ts:
Keep the message simple, don’t write a poem about yourself and your music, let your music speak of itself,
Don’t send too much music in email, they will feel confused if you do so. Upload maximum of 3 songs in 1 email,
always choose the best material you have (it must be mixed and mastered),
don’t send emails if you think your music is not good quality, this will kill the contact straight away,
don’t be too pushy and don’t show them you really need to be signed, just be chill and friendly,
write a bit about how you found them and which music leaded you to them,
make a research on what music they take submissions (never submit unappropriate music!)
include your contact info,
be professional and serious about what you do,
if they don’t write you back that means they don’t like it, or they don’t submit any music now or any other reason.
just don’t feel sad that they didn’t replied. Sometimes you need to write them few times before they answer you,
don’t be pain in the ass! – if they don’t reply move to other label and write them again in few months,
remember to provide them with links to your social media, labels are more into signing people with big social audience and reach!
don’t write something like: “i make rap beats for sale” or “listen and buy my music here…”
Ok i think that’s it! Below i wrote an example email you can use and modify. Try to understand the whole process. There is so many artists submitting their music everyday. You need to stand out from the crowd to be noticed…

Hello “A&R Name or Representative”,

Came across your Twitter profile and did a bit of background research on your work. Really loved what you did with “ARTIST NAME” on his/her/their record “ALBUM NAME”. I was excited to discover that you worked on the project, as I’m a big fan of the tracks on that album.

Just wanted to drop you an email to introduce myself – my name is Lazy Rida . I’m a Platinum producer from Poland. Recently i I’ve been featured in “Name Of Brand, Magazine, Company” and released singles that feature “Artst Name”. My social media accounts are fairly strong and lately I’ve been developing relationships with labels such as… “Names Of Brands”

I wanted to reach out to you and see if you have any projects you’re currently working on that I could help you out with – I have a few songs that i finished up last week that i feel would suit to you.

I’ve attached few songs for you to review. Let me know if they fit for you and/or if i can send over some other stuff.

Looking forward to building lucrative relationship with you. Let’s do some great business in 2018!

Kind Regards,

“Your Logo, Name, Production Credits, Links to social media, website link, and email”

Remember to edit this email so it will be yours, don’t include any of following if they are not truth!

Hope this helps ? Leave some comments below

Paweł Tugeman

CEO Of Lazy Rida Beats


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