How To Promote A Mixtape In 2018

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Are you a rapper who just finished new mixtape beats and you don’t have any ideas how to promote it?

In this article i will give you few examples on how you can promote your mixtape.

Ok so first really important thing… There is so many mixtapes coming out and so many tracks that people mostly won’t listen to. You need to stand out from the crowd. There are few ways you can encourage people to listen to your music. The main thing is to have an established brand or feats with famous or well known artists in your community. Most people won’t put any attention into your music unless they know you a bit.

Promotion is a process. It is not 1 day action!

I Will Give You Few Examples And Ideas – You Need To Figure Out What Works Best For You!


In my opinion it is very good in 2018 to use your social media to promote mixtapes beats.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.):

  • You can upload cover art and link it to a place where people can hear your music and even buy it,
  • use “relations” feauture on instagram and facebook to link into your mixtape, website, datpiff account etc.,
  • set a link to your mixtape on your profile page on instagram, facebook or twitter so people could easily find it,
  • send it to your friends and people and ask to share it, (even for a little favour),
  • add short videos into your social media when recording some verses for that mixtape, etc.,
  • ask local radio stations to promote your mixtape,
  • make a buzz before releasing a mixtape,
  • focus on making a bigger audience,
  • make an actual date on releasing a mixtape and inform people about it, be interesting,
  • make a discussion on your social media which songs are the best,
  • make daily posts about your mixtape and how it was made, tell a story about it, show a short video of your tracks, make them curious, maybe they like what they hear?
  • never, ever spam people! don’t add them to groups, don’t send links to all your friends by starting a convo. Be polite dude, ask, talk. Promotion is not easy way to market your brand.
  • go live on facebook and other social medias and talk a bit about your mixtape beats (don’t talk too much! – make your audience interested not bored),
  • be funny, and entertain people, get their ATTENTION – it’s only what matters,


  • play on live shows,
  • events,
  • just hit the streets bro!


  1. Create an account on Datpiff.com . This services were used by many mainstream rappers such as Rick Rossand Future to promote their mixtapes. A lot of people know it so if you will send someone a link to it they will probably click it. Once you create your profile and read through policy you can upload up to 3 mixtapes FOR FREE account. There is an entering fee. I won’t recommend spending cash on their premium service. In my opinion this service went down a lot. They won’t do anything to be honest.

2. Facebook Ads & Instagram . Facebook ads in 2018 are more important than ever, because organic traffic will go down even more. Get to know Facebook Ads. Check few videos how you can set a campaign and make a proper promotion to your mixtape.

3. Spotify & ITunes – Those ones are the best to distribute music online.

4. CDBaby – That’s a dope service where you can stream your music to platforms like spotify, itunes and many more. It have services where you can make your own website and sell your music, merchandise, products there. There is also customizable music shop/player.


I will highly recommend you NOT to use services listed below:

You should always check opinions and make research about serwises you want to use. I will recomend you to check our promotion service. Write to us.

I hope that inspired you. Please leave comment and feel free to write to us ?

Paweł Tugeman

CEO of Lazy Rida Beats


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