How to promote as an artist, rapper, singer?

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In one of my posts i wrote about proper mindset for successfull musician. You can read it here.

Ok let’s pretend that your music sounds really good, you have your rap beats, mixing & mastering engineer, someone who will help you organize shows and help you with your brand.

There is a bunch of different methods how you can promote as a rapper this days.

Use social media as your main tool which will connect you to your audience. I highly recommend to start private Facebook page rather than Fan Page because thoset likes won’t give you nothing. You need contacts, and on private artist page your posts will get to more people than normal.
Get yourself LinekIn profile, twitter, instagram, YouTube. Connect them. Make cool and professional backgrounds and logos. There is a lot of tutorials on how to use photoshop or gimp or other program. You can hire someone but it won’t cost you nothing to watch few videos and learn something.

Start posting everyday about your music, successes, what you recorded, share this with people. Ask, make discussions, add photos, make competitions. Use your imagination! Connect to pepople, talk with them, find other rappers, managers, performers. Talk , talk, talk… You need to make contacts and help each other. Ask people if they can share your post. Do not share any posts about your private life. It’s just unprofessional. Imagine that your brand is your superhero and people want to read about superhero not about Peter Parker shit life.

Start performing on shows. Try connecting with some people who can let you make a show locally. Make them for free on beggining. Make posters and include information where people can network with you on internet. , help other artists on support shows. Learn how to present yourself and connect with people on the shows, concerts. Start making money on shows and invest it into your brand. Don’t waste your hard earned money on stupid shoes, you will get them later. Think twice! Be responsible for your own image and brand.
Make a decision and work hard. People need to know that you are excited and hungry about your success. You need to have your exact aims like: “I made a gold album this year”, “I made $50,000 from my music this year”. Those aims must be specific. Your subcounscious mind need to know your exact direction/aim. All top stars, actors, rappers, business mans knew their exact direction and what they want. You can make yourself a “dream table”.
Go to local radio stations and connect with them, even blog or internet radio stations. Start joining audiences a bit and ask them if they can play your music. This will really help you getting more buzz on your music. Listen to other people what they what to tell you. Don’t let your ego distract you. You don’t need to take to yourself their opinions but listen to them this can give you good clues on how you can improve yourself.
Be organized with your contacts, don’t waste them. Talk with people that are working with you and help them too. Make yourself a phone calendar to organize everything day by day. Don’t make plans 2 weeks before, plan with 2-4 days before.
From time to time make some competitions on your social and boost them with ads. People like opportunities to win something, even a t-shirt, stamps or an album. This won’t cost you nothing and it will give you a lot of attention.
Make feats with rappers, other artists, singers and performers. You can reach their audience too. Always focus on serious people who want to make music and live from it. Search for people who have the same dreams or aims.
Have someone who can promote your instagram or twitter (watch out for scams!). You can always hit us up for such kind of promotion. It is a small monthly fee and We could reach about 100-1000 real targeted people a day for you which gives about 3000-30000 people a month! This will give you a brand awareness and help you get more people attention to start connecting with you.
Be consistant in what you do! Always! That is the main key.
I hope those points inspired your on how to promote yourself as an artist. If you have some more ideas please share them with us in the comments ?


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