Rap Beats Leasing or Exclusive? The Differences

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From a long time I am still receiving questions about Lease/Exclusive rights to beats. Many people don’t know what exactly is Leasing a beat or buing as Exclusive. They just don’t know the difference between them.

Leasing a beat

Let’s say this way, you don’t have big budget, and you want to save money, you can sell enought copies to later buy a Exclusive beat. Leasing a beat gives you legal rights to an instrumental to use it in profitable way. For example: You gain rights to sell 2500 units/copies of CDs, DVDs, or digital distribution. Producer still have full rights to this beat, and can sell it again until someone will buy it in Exclusive rights.

Artists I know usually buy a Leasing rights to test a beat, and see fans reactions. If reaction is positive they sell this 2500 – 10 000 copies and then buy full rights to this instrumental.Imagine yourself: You get Leasing for 20$ (Regular Lease), you can sell 2500 units, but you just sold 1000 copies for 6$. You gain 6000$. 6000$ – cost of CDs, background, other stuff = aproximatelly 5000$. The cost of Exclusive beat is 400$ so You can still buy those full rights and you have some money to yourself too. See how it works? This shows how we can increase without big costs.

Buying Exclusive Rights

You gain no distribution limits to a beat. Also, you get Full Rights to it, and you can do anything with it exept resselling it again. This is good option for someone who have budget. Many mainstream artists buy beats this way cause they now they will sell more than 10 000 units/copies. I hope I solved your doubts. If not feel free to write to me and ask anything you need. Also, you can check our F.A.Q. section on my site here. If u are looking for high quality instrumentals in different licensing options we recomend you to check website below.



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