What Are #HashTags And How To Use Them Properly?

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So what is the popular # – hashtag means and how to use it to drive more people to our social media platforms?

Hashtag definition: – (on social media websites) a word or phrase preceded by a hash mark(#), used within a message to identify a keyword or topic of interest and facilitate a search for it.

Hashtags simply help you target your audience. I will highly use hashtags on twitter and instagram. Facebook don’t like them so much…

Ok so below is a list of websites you should use to check which hashtags are popular (don’t use hashtags that are not listen in the hashtags base. You won’t get any results using them!):

Ritetag.com – when you type for example producer the list of good hashtags should appear. You should choose the most popular. Make one big research. Find as many hashtags as possible and save them all in txt file on your computer or somewhere where you will have easy access to whole list of hashtags. You should use them almost everytime when you post on instagram or twitter. There are more good websites on internet just type: “hashtag discovery tool” or “popular hashtags”.
Hashatit.com – This tool is pretty different. When you type for example “producer” it will show you posts of people who are similar to this hashtag. This can be really helpfull on finding new hashtags and using them. Just search through posts and get idea of what hashtags can work for you.
Hootsuite.com – It is one of the biggest and best hashtag discovery tool. You can get a 30 day free trial to discover your hashtags well and make good research on what you need. After those 30 days you will need to plan for a plan. You can always quit using only a free 30 day trial.
Stagram.com – when you type your hashtag here it shows you related keywords you can use for your niche.
All-Hashtag.com – you can type 1 tag here and search for best similar hashtags. It is very good tool for creating more hashtags similar to #rapper or #songwriter.
Check what hashtags are using famous people from you niche. They probably have few good ones but don’t depend on them and do your own research.

I hope those ideas helped, if not feel free to contact with me so i can help you out with any questions or stuggles.

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