Hi! I am Pawel from Lazy Rida Beats.

Our company is based in Poland.

We specialize in composing professional

rap beats in genres like old school, West Coast,

new school, trap, club, gangsta, orchestral,

afrotrap, dancehall, R&B, etc.

I have more than 13 years of experience

in music composition and business.

I am happy to welcome you to our website.

Here is what I achieved:

  • I worked with many artists and companies

around the globe such as Rick Ross, Snak The Ripper,

and MTV.

  • Was able to get 2x platinum records here in Poland.
  • Have over 30mln views on songs on YouTube.
  • Released hundreds of singles with

independent artists all around the globe.


A place where you can buy rap beats for sale. We have been in this market for over 10 years. We offer our clients high-quality standards. Our aim is to bring satisfaction in styles like West Coast, East Coast, g funk, trap, New School, soul, Old School, RnB, and many more. Purchasing our beats you will get all files instantly to your email. We also do mix & mastering of songs. Be sure to read all terms and licenses before purchasing. You can contact us anytime if you seek more answers. Be sure to read all F.A.Q. section.

We are here to help you step up to the next music level. If you take your music seriously then you will have to invest in yourself and get beats from someone who truly understands this business. Our compositions are 100% original and made with passion.

We also make mix & mastering of songs and instrumentals. If you need us to create custom-crafted beats then don’t hesitate and contact us. We made over 500 custom-crafted beats!

On we help artists to appear in the music industry and get their legal rights using bats. We also deliver free beats for non-profit projects.

Let’s make some hits together!



Lazy Rida Beats - All Rights Reserved

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