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Beat in MP3 file

Instant Download / Untagged

Sell Unlimited Copies

200,000 Audio Streams

200,000 Video Streams

100% Royalty-Free

Beat Can Still Be Sold



Beat in MP3, WAV file

Instant Download / Untagged

Sell Unlimited Copies

500,000 Audio Streams

500,000 Video Streams

100% Royalty-Free

Beat Can Still Be Sold



Beat in MP3, WAV, Trackouts

Instant Download / Untagged

Sell Unlimited Copies

Unlimited Audio Streams

Unlimited Video Streams

100% Royalty-Free

Beat Can Still Be Sold



Beat in MP3, WAV, Trackouts

Instant Download / Untagged

Sell Unlimited Copies

Unlimited Audio Streams

Unlimited Video Streams

100% Royalty-Free

Beat Can No Longer Be Sold



What is the Difference between all Licenses?

MP3 License:

I acknowledge LIMITED user rights to the beat for use in selling an unlimited number of CD copies. You will receive the beat as a download link, which will be automatically included in an email sent to you. The 320kbps MP3 file and PDF license will be sent immediately to the email provided at purchase. You can use the MP3 file in profitable shows and up to 200,000 views on streaming platforms, but you cannot claim it as your own.

WAV License:

You will receive the beat in both MP3 and WAV formats. This license grants LIMITED user rights to the beat and allows for its use in songs for an unlimited number of albums. It also permits the streaming of the beat in your song or project for up to 500,000 views or listens.

Trackouts License:

You will receive the beat in a 320kbps MP3 file, WAV format, and separate WAV tracks for each instrument used in the beat or percussion element. With this license, you can use the beat in an unlimited number of views on streaming platforms. However, you do not have full rights to it, and other customers who have purchased the beat can also use it.

Exclusive License (Full Rights):

You will receive the beat in MP3 and WAV formats, along with separate tracks and a full rights license. Purchasing exclusive rights provides UNLIMITED use on any medium! It grants you full distribution rights to the beat, and the beat is automatically removed from the website.

If you need a custom license or synchronization, please contact me at or

What does a purchase include?

Every purchase includes:

– untagged hip hop instrumental you had chosen (high quality 320 kbps mp3, 24bit wav, and/or separate track lines)

– contract/pdf rights of ownership and the files

– download links are sent to your email instantly.

What methods of payment I can use?

You can use Paypal, or Stripe – for debit/credit card payment.

How can i buy exclusive rights for beat?

You can buy exclusive rights for any beat just by contacting us at: or or by obtaining it via our website music store. When buying from our website music player's beat will be automatically removed. We also send exclusive files manually if needed.

I don’t need track separation files right now, but I may need them in the future – can I buy them at a future date?

Yes! You just have to:

– Own any type of license to the beat, you will be able to purchase track separation files.
– Also, if you wish to buy them contact me at or complete Contact Form in CONTACT tab and write a form.

What if I use a free download beat to make money?

Please familiarize yourself with the license of our free beats. The rights in such a license are limited, and you may have copyright issues in the future by illegally using someone else’s music. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal.

What is the quality difference between a free download beat and bought beat?

Free download beats are posted and streamed from the website in mp3 format which is a lower quality mp3 compressed file format. When you buy a beat, you will be sent files in a high-quality format which is ideal for the best-quality recordings.

Free download beats are only for non-profit purposes. If you will use our beat without having the right license our 3rd party partners will remove your music from 3rd party streaming services. We are associated with a music licensing platform that helps us prevent other people from using our compositions for illegal purposes.

Can I reserve a beat/place it on hold if I cant pay the full amount now?

If you are looking to buy Exclusive rights to a beat but cannot pay the full amount up-front, we will do our best to work with your budget and place beats on hold for a specified time period against a down payment (usually at least 50%). Please note that we can only reserve beats for Exclusive purchases, not for Non-Exclusive, Feel free to discuss options with us.

I need different license, conditions, delivered files, number of units, etc.

Just contact us and tell us what you need. We will try our best to help.

Can I read full terms of use before i buy a license?

In our price licensing table, we have included sample agreements that are made with us after purchasing the selected beat. Simply click “Read License,” and a PDF file with the sample license will open.

More questions?

If you need more information, please contact us at: or You can also check the form located on the “Contact” subpage.


What method of payment do you accept?

By choosing the right option (with mix or without mix and mastering) you will be redirected to a page where you can choose how many beats you want us to create. Add the number of custom beats you want us to produce in the block. Then click the “add to cart ” option. You will land on a “make a payment page .”Pick any payment mode you like.

We are open to various payment modes. You can make a payment through PayPal. If case of not have a PayPal profile, use a master card or Visa card.

Which instruments are used to make Custom crafted beats?

We can create any type of instrument you will need in your custom made beat, from strings to plucks, arps, trumpets, violins, 808, drums, synthesizers, pads, sound effects, basses, leads, guitars, pianos. We use exact instruments to make your dream beat live.

Where can I order a custom-made Instrumental?

You can order your custom beat from here:

Under what rights will I receive a custom-made beat?

You will receive the beat with full rights and exclusively for you along with the license and MP3, WAV files and Separated WAV tracks.


What are stems?

Stems are individual audio tracks. Count how many separate tracks you have in the song. This will be your footprint count.

I record in the studio. How do I give you a track for the mix and master?

All you have to do is ask the sound engineer from the studio for tracks adapted to the mix. We have prepared a ready message for the studio for you.


„Good morning, I would like to have your tracks exported for mixing.

I will be grateful for correctly named files and export in WAV 24bit 44.100khz quality.

Please include the complete MixDown in the package. If any effects were added during the session, they can stay in the MixDown. Thank you very much!”

How should I send you my vocals and a beat?

All files must be in WAV format 24bit 44.100khz quality exported consolidated which means each vocal or track must be on separate WAV, so when we drag and drop into our program everything will be in it’s place.

You can see a few tutorials on YouTube or ask us and we will help you with this.

If there are more than 30 files then the price can go higher.

Please export files with names for example:

Intro (1st stem)

Verse 1 (2nd stem)

Adlibs Verse 1 (3rd stem)

Punchline Verse 1

Chorus 1a

Chorus Adlibs 1

Chorus Punchline 1

Verse 2

Adlibs Verse 2


After payment please send us your email and files with your expectations on the final product to

My vocals are a bit off-tune. Can you handle it?

Of course. We use Auto-Tune, Pitcher and few other vocal correctors to manually fine-tune the sound of your vocals.

Is the resulting mix ready for publication?

Yes. The final version you receive from us is prepared in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines so that the song sounds as good as possible after being shared. If you need additional versions of the song for streaming or CD, let us know and we will prepare them.

How many times can I ask for a correction?

We offer you an unlimited number of corrections. We will work on your song until you are completely satisfied with it. At one affordable price, we offer you a mixing and mastering service, in which you will receive as many corrections as you need from us.

Will I get the highest quality file?

Yes! You will receive an audio file in excellent quality in 24 bit 44.100kHz and 16 bit 44.100kHz format for online streaming and commercial use.

Do you do trial mixes?

We make the mix only after placing and paying for the order. However, we understand that you want to “test” the service in some way. And that’s why we offer unlimited revisions and a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like something about the mix, we’ll keep working on it or we’ll refund your money. We take all the risk on ourselves 🙂

Is mastering always necessary?

Mastering ensures that your piece will sound properly and clean in every format over streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, beatstars, and airbit.

It improves your track and delivers a professional touch which requires making it a hit. It also prepares the music for different distribution formats.

We are among the best mixing and mastering services providers. You can check our creations on our websites and different streamlining platforms such as Spotify and YouTube.

How do I prepare my tracks/files for Mixing and Mastering?

You can clean up your tracks. Correct your pitch and time. Label your tracks properly. Also, please make a copy of the whole folder and rename the new copy which needs to be mixed and mastered from our front. Take all of your edits on a track and make a consistent clip of your track.

Export your folder to us after properly labeling, giving the song title, and indicating the files for mixing and mastering by assigning names such as “multi tracks for the mix.”

Can you Mix and Master a song at the same time?

When we master a song, we like to get it over a particular quality threshold. Also, the improvement of the song depends on the quality of the tracks we receive from your end. Our job is to bring the track quality to the best, which is above 90 on a scale from 1 to 100.

Although it is different with the mixing, as we consider many elements such as the quality of recording, production, arrangement, and vocals. Mixing and mastering will enhance your average tracks close to perfection.



All beats come untagged and you can keep 100% of royalities!



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