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Lazy Rida Beats began its journey in the world of music 12 years ago. Then our first beats were created and our style began to shape. Our task is to provide modern instrumentals for rappers, singers, artists, companies on the entire planet. We do everything in our power to diversify our clients’ music experience.

Nowadays original beats made with the heart are sought-after and desired in music circles. Rap culture and music associated with it constantly enjoys great interest among people. Composing and creating music is above all our passion and after that only profession. Our goal is to motivate other artists who want to work on their own music and develop in this direction. Providing the best opportunities for cooperation and service, we ensure satisfaction and satisfaction of our customers at a high level.

Lazy Rida Beats team

Pawel Tugeman (Lazy Rida – Platinum Producer)

Founder, composer, music producer, member of the ASCAP association, marketer and originator of Lazy Rida Beats. He has been producing and composing music since 2004. He started as a DJ, a rap musician, trance, drum n bass, electro. He quickly decided to focus on the production of compositions such as rap bits. In 2013, Paweł came up with the idea of ​​establishing the “Lazy Rida Beats” brand of talented instrumentalists and musicians. His inspiration flows mainly from American and Canadian rap music. It creates foundations in many different styles, from the gangway to the east coast, west coast, sould, g funk, rnb and grime. He won several gold albums and a platinum record in 2016.

Damian Krysiak

Multi – instrumentalist. He began his adventure with music since he was a child. Together with his brother Adrian, he mastered the piano, guitar and bass playing to the championship. Always focused on development, very talented he has already worked in many musical styles. He started with rock, rnb, rap and metal up to trance music. He created a lot of refined melodies from which bits were created under the wings of Lazy Rida.


Snak The Ripper, Jaclyn Gee, Poland Version, Fababy, Kacper HTA, ZBUKU, Sulin, Fu, Radio Eska, MTV and many other artists and companies.

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Pawel Tugeman

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